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Introducing Updated Floor Plan Search Features From

If you’ve frequented the TalkCondo website in the past, you would likely be familiar with our TalkCondo maps. In 2015, we revealed our map feature in order to allow our visitors to better narrow down the right pre construction condo project, in the right Toronto neighbourhood, at the right price in an instant.

Ever since the release of TalkCondo maps, we have been working harder to create updates that further streamline the condo searching experience.

Searching For Condo Floor Plans Just Got Easier

Our past updates made it exceptionally easy to track down projects by neighbourhood, developer, price, and more. In 2017, we dug a little deeper by allowing you to find floor plans for upcoming pre construction projects drastically faster.

Coming across your ideal floor plan is now significantly easier. You narrow down the find the best developer in an up and coming neighbourhood, but be hard pressed to find a floor plan you really want. We’ve made your lives easier with our powerful search filter.

Step 1 – Enter Your Search

Looking for 2 beds and a bath at roughly 700 – 1100 square feet in Toronto? Simply enter that information in our powerful search bar. You narrow your search to specific neighbourhoods as well.
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Step 2 – Compare Available Floor Plans

Instantly our map will populate a list of all of the available floor plans matching your search. A list of the available floor plans on the visible map to the right. Sift through the list and find the ideal floor plan for you by the right developer, building in a great location.

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Step 3 – Get the Latest Pricing Information

Once you have narrowed down the floor plan, click the “Get Latest Pricing” button so we at TalkCondo can send you all the latest information you need in order to make your next decision.

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Better Condo Insights Done Faster

With our updated intelligent features and with the new addition of rich data to filter through, the search for the right condo investment has just gotten easier. You can now easily filter through floor plans from say, “condos in Yorkville over 1,500 square feet” in an instant.

With this new search feature, you will be able to answer questions like the following instantaneously:

ten york condos

Ten York Condos – Toronto’s Financial District.

Where are Toronto’s largest floor plans?

By filtering condos 2,000 square feet and up, we instantly discovered that PH12 at Ten York Condos in Toronto’s Financial District provides the largest unit at 2623 square feet.

Units in Pier 27 Condos came second with units from 3450 sq.ft., East 55 Condos came third with units at 2242 sq.ft., and the St. Regis Condos have the fourth largest units at 2067 sq.ft.

Where are Toronto’s smallest floor plans?

By limiting our search parameter to 0-400 square feet, we quickly discovered several units smaller units from 88 North Condos only steps away from CF Toronto Eaton Centre.

As of the timing of this article, the smallest available unit comes with square footage is 317 sq.ft. You can find this small, but well-utilized space at Blush Studios from Artist Alley Condos.

Start Searching Now

With smarter search and more significant data, accessing valuable insights into your next investment just got much easier. Satisfy your curiosity and get floor plans, prices, and insider access to some of Toronto’s hottest properties by using our new floor plan tool here.