Amit Bhandari Mike Santos and Roy Bhandari discuss the latest new condos around a roundtable

Weekly Roundtable: 859 West, 1181 Queen West, Sugar Wharf & More – Release Radar 017

In our first episode of the Release Radar Roundtable – Roy, Amit and Mike discuss the latest new condo projects and also give a sneak peak at whats launching soon.

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Roy Bhandari: Welcome everybody this is the TalkCondo Release Radar Roundtable, where every week we sit down and discuss the best new condo launches that you can buy today, and the best ones that are coming soon. My name is Roy Bhandari. I’m the co-founder of TalkCondo, and we’ve got Amit Bhandari, and Mike Santos joining us today. First of all were going to talk about the latest new condo launches. These are condo launches that buyers can buy today. In the email that’s gone out, they got options where they can download the floor plans, and submit a reservation suite right away.

ERA 2 at Yonge Condos

The first one is ERA 2 Condos. ERA 2 is up in Richmond Hill. It’s by Pemberton Group. This is one is really interesting. Mike give us a quick rundown and ERA 2.

Mike Santos: Sure. As Roy said, it’s a Highway 7 and Yonge master-planned community by Pemberton, one of the largest builders in the GTA. Massive footprint all over the GTA, Toronto, Mississauga, Maple, all over York region. Again, master-planned community. There’s four towers. This is the last tower, so this is the last chance to get into this community. Pricing is really good. There is a Go Station nearby, so it makes it perfect for commuters or investors. End-users and investors have potential here. That’s what Pemberton do. This is the big thing about them. They create master-planned communities, and they do a really good job of it. It brings the whole community together.

Era at Yonge Hero Tower

It’s 30 stories, 312 units in total. Again, there is limited inventory now, but there’s still good options available. This is one of the projects that’s a buy today option, and This is the last one that Pemberton is going to be doing in this community.

Era at Yonge Kitchen

Roy Bhandari: There’s a couple of things there. Now Pemberton last year, 2017, were the number one builder in terms of new condo launches, and new condo sales. They had condo projects in downtown Toronto. They [crosstalk 00:02:12]-

Amit Bhandari: They were everywhere.

Roy Bhandari: … everywhere. They did Time and Space one, two, three, and four, so four towers down at Front and Sherbourne. Downtown they also did Social condos down at the backend of the year. They had Indigo phase one and two in Maple. You mentioned they’re in Maple. They did two in Mississauga, so they’re really all over the place.

Amit Bhandari: All over, yeah.

Roy Bhandari: They’ve been in business 50 years. When you’re buying Pemberton, you’re really buying that quality and that-

Mike Santos: For sure, that’s definitely … When people talk about new projects, I mean, a great builder is obviously a huge component of that.

Roy Bhandari: Yeah, really important.

Mike Santos: As soon as you see the Pemberton name, and I know as soon as we see the Pemberton name coming in the pipeline as well, we know it’s going to be a really good project. We’re ready to ramp up for this projects in the future. This is definitely one of the best buy now projects today. The demand for it, it’s been insane so far. I know it’s been out for a little bit now, but there is still product available for it.

Roy Bhandari: You mentioned that, because like you said, this is the fourth project of there. Yonge Parc 1, Yonge Parc 2 both sold out in the first weekend. ERA phase one launched in January, and it was-

Era at Yonge Plan Site

Mike Santos: That’s how people might know the name better, is by Yonge Park, because they kind of changed. It was Yonge Parc 1, and then Yonge Parc 2. We came to know that name. Then were ERA came out [crosstalk 00:03:27] if people are wondering where it is, it’s park of that Yonge Parc community-

Amit Bhandari: Community yeah, master-planned community.

1181 Queen West Condos

Roy Bhandari: The next project is 1181 Queen West. 1181 Queen is in the Queen West neighbourhood. It’s very different from the other condominium projects where it’s investor focused. Talk to us a little bit about 1181 Queen.

Mike Santos: Sure. Yeah, I would consider it more than end-user. It’s super boutique. It’s 15 stories, 112 units, really large units, really large terraces.

1181 Queen West Condos Exterior

Right at Queen and Gladstone, so you’re just minutes from Trinity-Bellwoods Park, Drake Hotel. Then with the King Street Pilot coming in, it’s opened up all of the re village King West. It’s really an area that people are wanting to go into, but again it’s a super boutique building. Only 112 units, so it’s one that you definitely have to move on.

1181 Queen West Condos Exterior

It’ll be one where inventory moves very quickly. If you’re looking for that project that has those very luxury finishes, I know that right now we have standard finishes that are great, but if you’re looking for that little extra bump up in quality, where you get at normally a Yorkville, or one of those really high-ends, you’re getting that added Queens West, hipster cool area, at a price range that isn’t quite Yorkville and above, so it’s a really cool, unique project.

1181 Queen West Condos Suite Upgrade

Roy Bhandari: Yeah, I like it, because again they’re one bedrooms where typically they’re in the 400 square foot range. Here you’re getting one-bedrooms that are a little bit larger [crosstalk 00:05:00]-

Mike Santos: The smallest is 546, which you don’t see all that often nowadays. If an end-user is looking for a project with space, because everyone is worried about that, this is definitely one to look at for sure.

Roy Bhandari: Another one I just want to touch on very quickly on 1181 before we move on is the Developer. The developer here is Skale Developments. A year ago, they launched the Bluffs condos in Scarborough, which I know you were really close to. Again, it was end-user product that was more [crosstalk 00:05:27]-

Amit Bhandari: Very similar, very similar. That was a boutique building as well, with fantastic south views.

Roy Bhandari: Well the south views overlook The Bluffs right?

Amit Bhandari: Yeah, of course. Yeah, very similar concept as well.

Mike Santos: That one sold out pretty quickly too-

Amit Bhandari: Pretty much, yeah, pretty much.

859 West Condos

Roy Bhandari: Okay, so let’s move on to 859 West, which is on the Queensway. Again, comparatively speaking, it’s a small building, only a couple hundred units.

859 West Condos Rendering

Mike Santos:  Yeah, it’s 14 stories. It’s sort of, if we have a scale model of it that we could show right here, along the Queensway, it’s only about, I think it’s six stories. Then on the backend, it goes up to 14 stories. Starting at the ninth story, you have larger corner units. You have some terraces as well on the backend.

859 West Condos Rendering

Again super … This one is a little bit different. It’s not quite … I wouldn’t consider it 100% investor, or 100% end-user, because it’s pretty convertible, the floor plans. They have a lot of one plus flex they’re calling it now. For people that don’t know flex, it can be a den, but it can also be converted into-

859 West Condos Floor Plan

Roy Bhandari: It’s big enough for a second bedroom?

Mike Santos: Yeah, it is. They have a ton of these units, so the floor plans are really good here. They’re really large unit sizes as well. You’re looking in the one plus flex, somewhere close to … Some of them were up to 771, and then as low as 615 square feet. You can get a true one plus den, or a two bedroom. A lot of people-

Roy Bhandari: Two bedroom-

Mike Santos: Yeah. Well, we’re seeing a lot of people in the community say, “I live here. I want to invest in the area, because I believe in Queensway,” which is definitely an up-and-coming neighbourhood, with all the revitalization between Mississauga and Toronto. More connected to Toronto of course, but the units are large enough where people can say, “I can rent it out for a few years, then when I retire, or when I want to downsize, it’s something I can move into later.” We went to the sales event-

Roy Bhandari: Well, I was going to mention that. This weekend we were at the sales that. It was the first day of sales on Saturday.

Mike Santos: It was crazy.

Roy Bhandari: Yeah, it was-

Mike Santos: We had-

Roy Bhandari: [crosstalk 00:07:30]-

Amit Bhandari: Five minutes in wasn’t-

Mike Santos: This is the interesting part. Yeah, so we came in. We had a client who is very, very interested in one specific unit. It was a really great floor plan. We submitted a worksheet. We asked for the unit, and it was all sold out.

Roy Bhandari: That was five minutes after the doors opened.

Mike Santos: It’s not just that though. It was crazy. Obviously, the first five minutes we had a rush of people go in, and there was a ton of people submitting information, but we had sent out information on that project actually on the Thursday. The launch was on Saturday. We did a launch on the Thursday. We had told people, “If you know the unit that you want, submit a worksheet now, because they’re accepting them.”

Roy Bhandari: Because we could have reserved the unit ahead of time.

Mike Santos: We could have reserved the unit ahead of time. Those two days, if you know exactly what kind of unit you want, you run your numbers, you’re an investor, you know exactly what you want, submit it during that time, because it’s better to get the unit now, than-

Amit Bhandari: Chasing after it-

Mike Santos: Chasing after later, because those types of floor plans are not coming back. They’re not going to rescind on those type of units, so that’s what I would try to encourage people, is if you know exactly what you want, get it in early. Then come to the sales event. You can familiarize yourself with all the rest of the stuff afterward. I mean, that’s okay. It’s a lesson learned. We’ll know for next time.

Lumina Condos

Roy Bhandari: Great. We’re going to talk next about Lumina Condominiums. Now Lumina is part of the Emerald City redevelopment up at Fairview Mall. This is the last opportunity to buy-

Amit Bhandari: The ninth tower-

Roy Bhandari: The ninth tower, yeah.

Amit Bhandari: To speak about Lumina, well let’s get the specifics out the way. It’s 15 stories, 250 units. Occupancy is tentatively given for 2021. To speak about this deal, you really have to speak about, and it’s something you touched on, master-planned. It’s going to be a running theme throughout this conversation.

Lumina at Emerald City Rendering

Elad, what they have done is they’ve essentially converted this corner of Sheppard and Don Mills into this vibrant community. Lumina is the ninth tower. It’s the southernmost tower. The pillar piece of the puzzle for this community for me is the transit. You’re walking distance to Don Mills subway station.

Lumina at Emerald City Condos Rendering

You take four stops west, you’re on the Yonge subway. I mean, that opens up an entire new world really. You’re walking distance to subway. You’re five minutes drive from the highways, 404. You’re on the TTC line. You’re also walking distance to Fairview Mall. It has a lot going for it. It’s very obvious to see why the demand has been so strong here.

Roy Bhandari: Well, they’ve sold out eight hours before [crosstalk 00:10:17]-

Amit Bhandari: Yeah, they’ve sold out eight towers. They’ve sold out eight towers, so fantastic neighbourhood. A great, vibrant community, master-planned community of course. Last tower, last chance really to get a pre-construction price, and get …

One Yonge Condos

Roy Bhandari: Awesome. We’re going to shift gears a little bit now and come downtown, in the heart of downtown. The first one is, it’s a project that we’ve been talking about for two or three years now. It’s the first tower at One Yonge, the Prestige. Talk to us a little bit about Prestige. I know you had a chance to talk to Anson Kwok, which is a video interview we did with the VP of Sales and Marketing. Give us a quick rundown-

Amit Bhandari: Quick rundown, I’ll try, because we could probably spend an entire afternoon talking about One Yonge. One Yonge is one of those developments that I think the best way to put it is that it’s going to change the skyline of Toronto.

One Yonge Condos Rendering

Roy Bhandari: It’s going to change the postcard. Right?

Amit Bhandari: Absolutely, because we talked about this in the interview, now the peak is the CN Tower. There’s a lot of developers now trying to push the envelope-

Roy Bhandari: In terms of height?

Amit Bhandari: Yeah height, and we’re going to talk more about that as well afterwards. But you’re not going to see this anywhere. You’re going to see a lot peaks.

One Yonge Condos Rendering

The Prestige, the first tower, and the entire community as well, it’s not just residential. There’s a lot of things going for it. It’s well and truly multifaceted. There’s a big, obviously residential component, but there is also an office component. There’s a 50,000 square foot city ran community center, which I think is absolutely fantastic. It’s not going to affect any individual’s maintenance fees. It’s city ran, and the public is free to use it.

One Yonge Condos Rendering

The other killer feature here is direct path connection, which is enormous, because the city has spoken about this for a long time, about expanding the path connection and what not. But to have it directly connected to where you live-

Mike Santos: It’s a game changer-

Roy Bhandari: The financial district-

Amit Bhandari: Yeah, absolutely. The financial district, the South Financial Core, to have that connection direct to Union Station is absolutely … It’s incredible.

Mike Santos: That’s going to connect neighbourhoods essentially too.

Amit Bhandari: Absolutely. It’s going to open up East Bayfront to the South Financial Core even more, where Pinnacle One Yonge is. The other incredible feature here is the heights. I test on this before, these I think were the first ones to sort of break that, and then others followed suit.

Roy Bhandari: Just to back that out a bit, One Yonge is going to be three towers. The first one that is on sale right now is 65 stories.

Amit Bhandari: 65-

Roy Bhandari: The other two are 85-

Amit Bhandari: 95-

Roy Bhandari: … and 95 stories. 95 stories.

One Yonge Condos Rendering

Amit Bhandari: Incredible.

Roy Bhandari: Going back before this, the tallest residential that has been built right now is Aura, which is 75. We’re 20 stories taller than Aura Condominiums, which is again, it’s broken this barrier, and because of this one, there’s going to be more super talls. But this is the first one is really gone to market.

Amit Bhandari: No, it’s incredibly exciting. I think it’s one of the ones that everybody were waiting for to launch. The other thing that we haven’t touched on is the address itself. Depending on where you live, it’s either the beginning of Yonge, or the end of Yonge, but [inaudible 00:13:44] beginning of Yonge, One Yonge. Right?

Roy Bhandari: Yeah.

Amit Bhandari: It’s very prestigious.

Mike Santos: It will be an iconic project.

Amit Bhandari: Absolutely.

Roy Bhandari: I do want to touch on one more thing at One Yonge. Like you said, we can talk about this one all day, but the other one is sort of the decisions on suite sizes and suite mix, because again, it’s not quite all the way on the investor size, but they have really nice one-bedrooms in a 500 square foot range. But they also have these amazing large units [crosstalk 00:14:15]-

Amit Bhandari: Huge units-

The Prestige Condos at Pinnacle One Yonge Condos Floor Plans
The Prestige Condos at Pinnacle One Yonge Condos Floor Plans

Roy Bhandari: … that are-

Amit Bhandari: … with fantastic, phenomenal views [crosstalk 00:14:18]-

Roy Bhandari: Yeah, because this is the southern building right?

Amit Bhandari: Yeah.

Roy Bhandari: The views over the Toronto Star building are going to be overlooking Lake Ontario all the way.

Lakeside Residences

Roy Bhandari: The next one is we’re going to go a little bit east of Prestige. This one is one of our favourite condominium projects, and neighbourhoods. The project is Lakeside Residences. The neighbourhood is the East Bayfront.

Lakeside Residences Rendering

Amit Bhandari: We can spend the entire, again, another session on the neighbourhood. The neighbourhood is three levels. Backing up a little bit, so East Bayfront was dubbed the crown jewel of the whole Waterfront Toronto Initiative.

Roy Bhandari: Just before you go ahead, tell them exactly where is the East Bayfront.

Amit Bhandari: Okay, so it’s at Queens Quay. It’s lower Jarvis, east to-

Roy Bhandari: Parliament-

Amit Bhandari: Yes, so it’s east of Parliament.

Roy Bhandari: It’s a true waterfront community.

Amit Bhandari: Yeah, it’s true waterfront. They’re built out to [inaudible 00:15:26] and everything. But East Bayfront, like I was mentioning, was dubbed the crown jewel of the whole Waterfront Toronto Initiative, way back when they decided that these neighbourhoods, [crosstalk 00:15:39]-

Roy Bhandari: It was in the mid 2000s or something-

Amit Bhandari: Yeah, mid 2000s, where they said that, “Look, we have this prime land. We need to make it into something.” Incredible vision. Long story short, they pitched to various developers, to sort of come up with the community. The entire development of the East Bayfront has backing from three levels of government; municipal, federal, provincial, as well as the private sector as well. They’re obviously involved in all this. What the intent was here was to create a master-planned community, but a community that because it’s the crown jewel, is something very special. Because it’s so close to the financial district, obviously, there are things that they needed to have in place.

Lakeside Residences Pool

The things that I think would make any neighbourhood incredible, or key ingredients would be; jobs, retail, residential, obviously education and public space. This neighbourhood I think, checks all those boxes. Education, George Brown campus is already there. It’s been open for a few years now. Corus Entertainment, they moved their headquarters to that neighbourhood as well. Google, which was a massive announcement. Even without that announcement this neighbourhood was going to be spectacular-

Mike Santos: [crosstalk 00:17:04] Innovation Center there as well-

Amit Bhandari: By Menkes, they have that. Sidewalk Labs, the whole smart city thing, that again, that’s something else that we could talk about, spend hours and hours talking about. Residential, obvious. You’ve got a number of developers, killer developers as well.

Roy Bhandari: Now the other thing actually, the developers in this neighbourhood-

Amit Bhandari: Top-tier-

Roy Bhandari: They are Menkes, they are Daniels, they are Greenland-

Amit Bhandari: Greenland yeah-

Roy Bhandari: These are the best builders that we have. They are coming together to develop this neighbourhood. You mentioned a couple of things, and I really want to hit on this. What I want to emphasize here is if you’ve not checked the East Bayfront neighbourhood, please call one of us. We would love to show you around, because [crosstalk 00:17:43]-

Mike Santos: It’s incredible-

Roy Bhandari: We’re pretty far along at this point where you can actually see this vision come to reality. The parks are open. The park, the Sherbourne Common-

Amit Bhandari: [crosstalk 00:17:54]-

Roy Bhandari: The Sherbourne Common that runs all the way to the lake. In the wintertime, it turns into a skating ring. The promenade that runs along the waterfront, even-

Amit Bhandari: [crosstalk 00:18:05] space, it’s well thought out public space.

Roy Bhandari: Public spaces amazing, and the attention to detail here is really important. The benches they put in our high-quality benches that you would find in Yorkville. The paving-

Amit Bhandari: The paving, the Maple leaf shapes-

Roy Bhandari: They’ve not spared any expense to make this one of the best neighbourhoods. One of the other really, really important things here is retail. They learned from other neighbourhoods-

Amit Bhandari: Missteps, it is, they were missteps.

Roy Bhandari: Where you’ve got-

Mike Santos: This is what makes it special, like you were talking about.

Roy Bhandari: Preplanned, it’s all preplanned.

Mike Santos: Yeah, it’s preplanned, versus non-preplanned, just developers kind of just, okay-

Roy Bhandari: [crosstalk 00:18:46] doing their own thing-

Mike Santos: You have a body that’s overlooking everything, and creating it beyond a master-planned community. Not just of towers, but a master-planned neighbourhood.

Roy Bhandari: Well one of the most important things here was that one of the requirements from Waterfront Toronto was that every building needs to have double height, retail-

Amit Bhandari: [crosstalk 00:19:04]-

Roy Bhandari: … ground level, so every single building there is going to have coffee shops, and restaurants, and all this stuff that’s going to line the park-

Mike Santos: And higher-end stuff too. We’re thinking it’s going to be higher-end stuff as well.

Roy Bhandari: Yeah, exactly.

Mike Santos: Which is going to be more of a [crosstalk 00:19:20]-

Roy Bhandari: There’s a big difference in a neighbourhood with dry-cleaners and dentists, as opposed to coffee shops and [crosstalk 00:19:27]-

Mike Santos: It’s true-

Amit Bhandari: It’s just an extension. The retail-scape is just an extension of the public space in my opinion. It’s what will draw people from other neighbourhoods, or even cities outside, within the GTA, to come to this neighbourhood. Public space, another one that we haven’t mentioned-

Mike Santos: [crosstalk 00:19:45]-

Amit Bhandari: … is Sugar Beach.

Roy Bhandari: Sugar Beach, yeah, absolutely.

Mike Santos: Well, look [inaudible 00:19:49] District. That’s become a huge, huge touristy area. The values in those areas have gone way up. We did Canary Commons in the fall, and that was another huge project, so there’s No reason why East Bayfront couldn’t surpass it as well.

Amit Bhandari: Absolutely, 100%, 100%.

Roy Bhandari: Yeah, so if anybody is interested in taking a look at this neighbourhood, we really recommend, if you’ve not seen this neighbourhood, you don’t know what’s going on in this neighbourhood, it’s one that we think has a huge amount of upside. It’s one that we really believed in since the first project, which was Monde-

Amit Bhandari: [crosstalk 00:20:20]-

Roy Bhandari: Amazing project-

Amit Bhandari: … at this point.

Roy Bhandari: We really recommend this area, and we can’t recommend it enough.

Amit Bhandari: Well let’s talk about the building.

Roy Bhandari: [crosstalk 00:20:32]-

Amit Bhandari: The thing is, when it comes to this neighbourhood, and we set it from the get-go, this neighbourhood is got so much going for it. I think you touched on Monde. When we worked on Monde, and we sort of dug deep on the vision-

Roy Bhandari: Just pause for a second, and give us an idea of timeframe. When was Monde? It first launched back in-

Amit Bhandari: 2012.

Roy Bhandari: I think it was actually 2011-

Amit Bhandari: Was it earlier? It could have been earlier. It was basically a time when it was very hard to imagine what East Bayfront-

Roy Bhandari: You were selling a pile of dirt.

Amit Bhandari: Yeah, and for a lot of people, that’s Very tough to imagine. But now, because there’s been so much change in this neighbourhood already. Remember, what they’re building is like a city within a city. This is what it is, so it takes time. Real estate development takes time, especially when it’s so multifaceted, public space, jobs, the Menkes Innovation Center, and everything else that is being built up. But the building, actually I want to talk about builder, because the builder of Lakeside Residences I think is probably one of the biggest on the planet perhaps.

Roy Bhandari: Yeah, they’re definitely up there.

Amit Bhandari: They’re a Fortune 500 company-

Roy Bhandari: Greenland Developments.

Amit Bhandari: Greenland Developments, and actually the Greenland Group. I’m going to take this directly from the website. This the company has developed across four continents, nine countries, including the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and 13 cities. They’re well and truly a global operation. I remember when the announcement came, when they were coming into Toronto, I was really excited. I thought, this is a huge deal for the city. The fact that a company like that wants to enter the Toronto market-

Enormous re-development in Brooklyn nearby the Barclays Centre which will cost an enormous $4 Billion

Mike Santos: It speaks volumes-

Amit Bhandari: It says a lot about Toronto.

Roy Bhandari: In New York, they’re building one of the largest developments, the Barclays Center. They’re in LA, so they’re in major markets. Therein major, major markets, and now they’re moving to Toronto. They built some of the tallest skyscrapers in China. They are a huge developer.

Amit Bhandari: They need business. They mean serious, serious business. The fact that they’re in Toronto, they want to stay and build.

Mike Santos: This one sold really well. Again, another project that sold really well. There’s still some inventory-

Roy Bhandari: There is still some-

Mike Santos: But it’s getting limited-

Amit Bhandari: It is getting limited and there’s a lot of what I touched on before, there’s a lot happening in this neighbourhood from all aspects. There’s still a lot more residential units still to come. I mean, we’re going to talk about it later, but Menkes’ Sugar Wharf is 2,000 units. That’s 2,000. That’s a huge amount. The fact that you can still buy in this project, it’s a very good opportunity to buy. The building itself, it’s an interesting design what they’ve done, because I guess it’s like two sides of the podium. It’s like an L shape podium-

Lakeside Residences Rendering

Roy Bhandari: It’s an L shape-

Amit Bhandari: … with a tower on top. The tower itself is actually going to be the tallest piece of the Greenland development site.

Mike Santos: Yeah, 49.

Amit Bhandari: Yeah, it’s 49 stories. The occupancy is slated for 2022. But it’s a very good opportunity. I really do feel that people need to take another look at this site again, just because everything that’s going on, and the fact that you’re buying with the developer that has built not just in Canada or Toronto, but everywhere. They’re everywhere.

Condos Coming Soon

Garden District Condos

Roy Bhandari: You, I agree. I couldn’t agree more. Next were going to talk about the projects that are in the pipeline. Probably the questions that we get asked the most as platinum agents is, “What is coming up?” So we’re going to do a quick rundown of what’s in the pipeline. The first project is Garden District condos, which I know you’ve been looking at a lot Mike.

Mike Santos: Yes, so a AAA location. [inaudible 00:24:39] Shuter, so you’re five minutes from the TTC Queen Station, five minutes from Eaton Center, the Dundas, Ryerson University, hospitals, so AAA location if you’re looking for a core project. This is going to be a really big one. 35 stories, only 234 units in the 35 stories, so that means that average of six units per floor. I mean, it might differ here and there, but you’re potentially looking at some really great suites.

Aerial view of Garden District Condos over Downtown Toronto

We were talking about the types of floor plans, so those will be really good. It’s by The Sher Group. It’s their second building in the area. They sold Ivy out completely in the spring, last spring, 2017. So yeah, super excited about this one.

Roy Bhandari: This one is only 200 units for a downtown project-

Mike Santos: Yeah-

Amit Bhandari: Get in early. Get your worksheets in early-

Mike Santos: For sure.

Empire Maverick Condos

Roy Bhandari: The next one is another one that were really interested in is Empire Maverick, which is in the Entertainment District. Amit.

Amit Bhandari: Yeah, Entertainment District, awesome neighbourhood. We’ve worked there extensively. It’s an area of rapid growth. There’s going to be a lot of new cool stuff. Empire Maverick is one of those ones that we were very surprised, and very excited to see. For the individuals that are familiar, Restaurant Row, if you’ve ever been to the TIFF, it’s-

Roy Bhandari: [crosstalk 00:25:54]-

Amit Bhandari: The Toronto international Film Festival, it’s the stuff literally across the street from there, so a fantastic location, right in the heart of the entertainment district. The building itself, roughly 300 suites, 47 stories. We’re expecting completion in 2022.

in.DE Condos

Roy Bhandari: 2022. I’m going to group the next two together, because they’re by the same developer, one of our favorite developers in Menkes. We’ve got the Harbor Plaza. We displayed that very probably. The first one is in.DE.

Amit Bhandari: in.DE is kind of in the area that you just spoke about. It’s literally east of Dundas and Jarvis. It’s right in that pocket, essentially where the Ryerson University campus is. It’s an area that has seen tremendous growth. We worked initially in this neighbourhood way back when with Great Gulf’s project called PACE. I think it was in 2011.

Mike Santos: 2011, yeah.

Amit Bhandari: Very, very long time ago. An area that’s rapidly changing. A lot of revitalization has already happened, and I think it will continue. The building itself is going to be 204 suites, 21 stories, so another baby basically, especially with regards to the stuff is coming out. Get your worksheets in early. I can see this one also occupying in 2022 as well.

Roy Bhandari: You mentioned that one was a baby, but the next one is definitely not a baby.

Sugar Wharf Condos

Amit Bhandari: Sugar Wharf, Menkes, in case you’ve driven on the [inaudible 00:27:23], you cannot miss this. Sugar Wharf itself is going to take that and I think just make it much grander. Much, much bigger, almost 2,000 new residential suites.

Sugar Wharf Condos Rendering

The killer thing here, other than it being by Menkes, on of the top developers, is that it’s also apparently going to have the connection, which just like The Prestige, it’s an absolutely killer thing to have.

It connects you to essentially the entire city. It’s in the South Financial Core. The financial district obviously is growing. It’s growing rapidly. We spoke about the entertainment district. It’s going to be very hard to distinguish where one ends, and where one begins. South Financial Core is just an extension of the financial district. This is exactly where it sits. It’s one that we’re very, very excited to-

Roy Bhandari: This one is also going to have the commercial tower, the LCBO [crosstalk 00:28:14]-

Amit Bhandari: Yes, at the base-

Roy Bhandari: They had the big press conference a couple weeks ago, so this one is going to be really exciting-

Amit Bhandari: Very exciting. It’s also right beside, to get your bearings, the area is literally beside East Bayfront as well, the area that we spoke about earlier.

Roy Bhandari: Central Waterfront-

Amit Bhandari: Central Waterfront, East Bayfront, South Financial Core.

DuEast Boutique Residences

Roy Bhandari: The next one is up in Regent Park. This is the newest Regent Park building by Daniels. Is the second phase of DuEast. Talk to us a little bit about DuEast Boutique Residences.

DuEast Boutique Rendering

Mike Santos: I was going to say, super boutique, 112 units only. I think the last-

Roy Bhandari: I’m seeing a theme here, yet-

Mike Santos: … sold out in a day-

Roy Bhandari: If, yeah-

Mike Santos: That was completely ridiculous. Again, another builder that we talked about. Builder is obviously huge component of this. Daniels is another one where, as soon as you hear the name, you know it’s going to be quality.

Roy Bhandari: Absolutely.

Mike Santos: This is all part of the next building in the Regent Park revitalization, again, something we could have another whole afternoon talk about. But this will be another quick one to go. 112 units only, so that’s another project you’re going to really want to be on top of, and we will make sure when it comes, that you guys will be on top of it all.

Roy Bhandari: While we’re on Dueast, there’s a couple of things I wanted to mention. Number one is that we do already have some draft floor plans, which you can download in the email. There’s a handful of floor plans that we’ve already seen. It’s a small building. Number two is that Daniels are going to have a full tower launching in the fall as well, so just be aware of that.

Playground Condos

Roy Bhandari: The next one were going to talk about again, is part of a multi master-planned community. This time it’s Garrison Point. Garrison Point phase one launched a few years ago, so there’s been a bit of a gap between Garrison phase one and phase two, which is called Playground Condominiums. Talk to me a little bit about Playground.

Mike Santos: Sure. Major intersection King and Strachan, so we’re looking at that King West area, which has seen a huge redevelopment in the past three years.

Playground Condos at Garrison Point Rendering

The big thing I would say for people looking at this is King Street Pilot is changing things in the area, making it more pedestrian friendly, and allowing people easier access to downtown as well, because that was one of the bigger knocks on that area. So people are getting downtown quicker. You obviously have tons of retail in that area already. Really super cool neighbourhood that’s being opened up with this redevelopment, so really excited about this project coming in. It’s coming in just east of ZEN Condos-

Roy Bhandari: Yeah, ZEN Condos came in, and again, was a very cool building in that area.

Mike Santos: Another master-planned community, five towers-

Roy Bhandari: Five towers at Garrison Point, with a park. There’s going to be bridge connections, it’s really going to connect everything. It’s a great little project.

Mike Santos: If you’re to sort of just, maybe if you’re an end-user or an investor looking just outside of the Core, but that still connects you to the Core, this is one to keep an eye on for sure.

Uovo Condos

Roy Bhandari: Next up, and the last one were going to talk about today is Uovo Condominiums.

Amit Bhandari: Uovo.

Roy Bhandari: Uovo.

Mike Santos: Uovo.

Amit Bhandari: I believe it was an Italian word.

Mike Santos: Sure.

Amit Bhandari: I’ve been told. This was is another boutique building. It’s only 11 stories, 67 suites. It’s in my neck of the woods actually, Davisville, Chaplain Estates. For those that aren’t too familiar with that specific location, it’s just south of Yonge and Eglinton. That in itself is very important, because once it’s built out, you’ll have quick access to the LRT, as well as the Yonge subway line, because you’re literally two minutes walk from both. You will be two minutes walk from both.

UOVO Boutique Residences Rendering

Ultra boutique. It’s by The Sher Group as well. They’re familiar with this kind of building. They’ve done stuff in the past with Ivy, and now with the new one. It’s definitely one to look out for. It suits the neighbourhood. The thing I really, really like about this building is the designers are incredible. The design is super, super cool, and I think it’s going to elevate that neighbourhood a lot more, so definitely one to watch out for.

UOVO Boutique Residences Rendering

Roy Bhandari: Awesome, so that wraps it up for this week. We’ll be joining you again next week for all the latest new launches and coming soons.