Why A Toronto Realtor Is Your Best Bet When Investing In Pre-Construction Condos

How A Toronto Condo Realty Pro Can Save You Thousands

We have seen record-breaking demand for pre-construction condos in 2017. There’s simply no better time to invest than right now.

We know that getting into the right pre-construction project and at the right time will give you gorgeous new unit, at a great price. The problem is, there are hundreds of investment opportunities in Toronto, and finding the perfect unit for you can be a full-time job. With an experienced realtor at your side, you can feel secure in knowing that your money is being properly invested. How? We’ve put together a list of benefits your realtor is working hard to provide you.

1. Unlocking Platinum & VIP Access

There are roughly 10 – 20 Platinum agents who can offer true platinum access to some of the best upcoming condos in Toronto. Platinum agents work exclusively with the developers, providing buyer’s first access to their new projects, allowing for the best price, premium incentives, and first choice of available suites. VIP Launches take place shortly after a Platinum launch.

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2. A Realtor Asks The Right Questions

The last thing you want to hear after you invest in a new project is delays or that the gorgeous view is going to be disrupted by a new development. An experienced realtor would have seen it all. They know the right questions to ask to avoid any future buyer’s remorse. Read our blog,The Questions You Need To Ask To Avoid Poor Pre-Construction Condo Investments”.

3. Understanding Certain Terms

Within 10 calendar days of your initial purchase, you have the right to opt-out. According to Ontario Law, the developer must refund the deposit and any interest that may be payable. Right to Assign, interim occupancy Your realtor will help you through all of these processes, so you don’t miss any important timelines or paperwork.  

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4. Negotiating Skills

An experienced realtor will know which terms are negotiable and which ones aren’t. Whatever your best interests are, your realtor will be working hard to make sure they are well protected and fought for.

5. Reading Floor Plans

In even some of the nicer condos in the city, suites that have less sunlight, narrow hallways, no windows in the bedroom, exist. A realtor will have gone over hundreds of floor plans and will be able to give you a better idea of what your plan will look and feel like, as well as avoiding ones that won’t draw interest. Read our blog, “5 Pre-Construction Condo Floor Plans To Avoid”.

6. Understanding of the Toronto condo market

Your realtor knows which neighbourhoods have the most potential and which ones to avoid. There are many opportunities to jump into the right neighbourhood at the right time. Just watch as condos around the upcoming Eglinton Crosstown LRT and the newly proposed mega mall and transit hub in the lower east Donlands soar in demand in the next couple years.

7. Cost-Savings

There are more cost saving that can be unlocked that simply gaining access to Platinum or VIP projects. Realtors can also help save money on things like closing costs, finding qualifying HST rebates, and by simply finding the right investment, at the right price.

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Get Access To The Hottest Condo Developments In The GTA

Investing in a pre-construction is a great idea. But going alone, without the value of an experienced Toronto realtor isn’t. TalkCondo works to provide clients the best access into the hottest condominium developments in and around Toronto. Working the agents TalkCondo can help save you thousands on your next investment.

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