Mirabella West Tower – Top Reasons to Invest

It is not very often that we get to sell a condo with “Forever Views” of Lake Ontario and High Park.  Mirabella Condos is one of the last chances to live by the Lake and Diamante are gearing up to launch their second tower (the West Tower) after the successful release of the first tower in 2017.

Mirabella Luxury Condos Rendering

We break down some of the key reasons to get excited about Mirabella Condos:

  • Forever Views of Lake Ontario and High Park.  If you’re the kind of buyer that gets excited by world class views that won’t be blocked tomorrow, Mirabella is for you
  • New release of the south facing suites after being sold out in the first phase
  • Proximity to Lake Ontario and High Park
  • A Developer that focuses on high quality and classical design
  • Amazing prices for pure lake view condominiums in Toronto

Floor Plans and Prices are now available for Mirabella Condos West Tower, and you can check them out at: Mirabella Condos Floor Plans.

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Mirabella Condos – Top Reasons to Invest: Watch the Video

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Mirabella Condos – Top Reasons to Invest: Transcript

Roy Bhandari: Welcome to the TalkCondo release right now. Today we’re going to be talking about one of the first major launches of the fall. That is Mirabella Condos, the West Tower. My name is Roy Bhandari. I’m joined today by Mike Santos and Amit Bhandari. We are Platinum agents for Mirabella Condos. Just to give a quick overview, Mirabella Condos, this is the second tower.

Mirabella Luxury Condos Rendering

Roy Bhandari: About a year ago, the first tower was launched. It’s sitting about 70, 80% sold. What we’re going to talk about today is some of the key things that really made people excited about the first tower. The second building is mostly mirrored of the first tower. Both are 38 stories. We’re going to talk about some of the key points. The first one that people really got excited about for Mirabella was the views.

Mike Santos: Sure.

Roy Bhandari: Talk to us a little bit about why people got so excited about the views.

Mike Santos: We have forever views. That’s the big thing. Oftentimes, people are always worried about, if I buy in this project am I going to be blocked down the line? This is one project where you can definitely say no. This is a forever view. You are sandwiched right between High Park and essentially, the lake area.

Mirabella Luxury Condos Rendering

Roy Bhandari: Lake, yeah.

Mike Santos: You’re right there on Lakeshore. Windermere to be exact, is at the base of that. You’re across from the parks and beaches and Martin Goodman trail, but the big thing is Lake Ontario. If you want to walk into your unit, you want to that-

Amit Bhandari: Expansive water view.

Mike Santos: Expansive water view that everybody pictures in movies and television, you get this here. That was what people were excited about in the first tower.

Roy Bhandari: You mentioned forever views. I think a reason there is, because to the south, you’ve got the park which is protected. You’ve got the Lakeshore.

Mike Santos: Yes.

Roy Bhandari: And those views to the south are spectacular.

Mike Santos: They’re incredible, yeah.

Roy Bhandari: Like you said, if you want that view where you walk into the suite and all you see is lake, there’s very few places in Toronto that you’re gonna get that and this one is there. It’s guaranteed.

Mike Santos: Where you aren’t paying necessarily, an arm and a leg as well.

Roy Bhandari: Those kind of prices.

Mike Santos: We’ll get into that later, but in terms of pricing it’s going to be extremely, extremely competitive in that sense. For people that are wanting something like that, maybe a little bit outside of the city, this is the project for you.

Mirabella Luxury Condos Rendering

Roy Bhandari: It’s always easy to get so drawn to the south views, the Lake Ontario, but what’s amazing here is that the north views here are also incredible.

Mike Santos: For sure.

Roy Bhandari: To the north is High Park. If the south side had nothing, and it was just the High Park views, people would be fixated on the fact that it’s High Park views.

Mike Santos: For sure.

Roy Bhandari: Even the views to the north where overlooking High Park, the views are spectacular, even on that side as well.

Amit Bhandari: Forever views, all around.

Mike Santos: Basically.

Roy Bhandari: Getting into the second key point here is that Mirabella West Tower with the new launch is that, we get a chance to work on the same units that were sold out from the first tower. We already know those units that were very, very popular in the first tower.

Roy Bhandari: Obviously there’s a big focus on those south units becoming available again, and it’s important to highlight that. I mean, there was two or three floor plans in the first phase that were super popular, that they got picked up within days of the launch. Do you want to just quickly highlight those?

Mike Santos: Just speaking to people that I worked with in the project last time who missed out on it, they weren’t sure. It was sort of a time in the market where people were a little bit hesitant. Who were coming out of last spring and all that and summer and people weren’t quite sure. I spoke to a lot of people who were kind of regretting the fact that, at that time, they had south units available and they didn’t take it.

Roy Bhandari: For sure.

Mike Santos: This is a time where we’re launching this fall, where we say, “Okay, listen. Things are stabilized now in terms of the market and everything like that. It’s boomed like a lot of people know, but there’s still, like I said, in pricing it’s still really good. Really competitive, and now you have another chance to get these south units.”

Mike Santos: These south floor plans. They’re really, really nice. One plus den and not 500 square feet, 525 square feet. We’re looking at 700 square feet. We’re looking at two beds that are gonna be close to 800 square feet. It’s people who are downsizing.

Roy Bhandari: For sure.

Mike Santos: There’s still enough space there for you. Again, the trade off is hey, listen, you’ve got forever views and the lake. Those one plus dens for those young professionals or even a young family or someone like that, they are going to be amazing. We didn’t really talk much about, in terms of the north floor plans or anything like that. I just remember that it was people who were on the south side, they were really regretful of not-

Roy Bhandari: Jumping on that.

Mike Santos: Taking that opportunity now. Now that these floor plans are coming back out, this is the chance. You’re not going to get south views like this at this price again for a very, very long time, if ever.

Roy Bhandari: I do recall those couple of years, the 680 square foot to 700 square foot one-plus dens were picked up like no time.

Mike Santos: Were snapped up, yeah.

Roy Bhandari: The corner units. The 975 to 1000 square foot corner south units that were gone in no time. Those are gonna be available again. Again, we anticipate that the demand on those to be huge with the forever views to Lake Ontario. We’ve only talked about the views, but the third reason that people really got excited about Mirabella was the proximity. How close you are to Lake Ontario. To High Park. To walking trails. You kind of touched on it already, but go through some of that information again and highlight.

Mike Santos: Sure. We talk about High Park in terms of the view being there. Well, if you can see it, you’re really close to it. You’re about a two-minute drive away from High Park. I mean, if you’re a cyclist or a runner or something like that, you’re maybe 10, 15 minutes. Something like that. If you want to paddle across the pond you might be even closer.

Mike Santos: It’s right there. It’s two minutes away. You have all the parks that are there. Sir Casimir Gzowski, for our Polish friends. A very difficult park name in Toronto, but that’s right there. Has the beach right on there. Sunnyside Park is right beside it. Go a little bit further west, you have Martin Goodman trail. Huge, huge walking trails.

Amit Bhandari: And these are right across the street.

Mike Santos: These are right there.

Amit Bhandari: Right literally south of the building.

Mike Santos: Exactly. That whole beautiful stretch along Lakeshore that you might drive most of the time. You see people running and cycling and walking. That is going to be your area.

Roy Bhandari: It’s going to be at your front door.

Mike Santos: It’s at your front door. It’s absolutely beautiful. Then if you want to go to King West, West Queen West. You want to go just downtown for a quick bite to eat, something like that, maybe once a week. Going to go out for dinner, all those things are right there. They’re 10 minutes away. You have everything at your doorstep, in terms of leisure.

Mike Santos: If you want to go out into the city, it’s right there. It’s really, really nicely located. Not a lot around in terms of a lot of residential where it’s packed and you have a lot of people around you. If you like that sort of tranquility, peace, you’ve got it but then everything is right next door as well. It’s a really nice location.

Roy Bhandari: Jumping into the next area, which is another one that we really saw people resonate with in the first phase. That was working with Diamante as a builder. Diamante are a builder that focuses on higher end buildings. They’ve got buildings in Yorkville. They tend to do very, very well on the resale market. One of the things that really resonated with the audience that was buying here was this classical architecture and design, and high-end finishes. It’s very apparent.

Amit Bhandari: You look at the portfolio. You can see where they get their inspiration for Mirabella. You look at say, Domus in Yorkville or One Balmoral, which are both Diamante projects. Both magnificently designed architecturally, and you can see where the inspiration is drawn from.

Mike Santos: And they’ve won two awards. Domus, Phoebe on Queen, both in project of the year the year that they were built. Very, I would call it more of a European classical style. These are the kind of buildings where people go, “Well, what’s it gonna look like in 20, 30 years?” These ones can stand the test of time. If you like those types of buildings, those types of finishes, this is gonna really draw you to it.

Roy Bhandari: For sure. One of the last things I wanted to touch on was, you briefly touched on it, was price points. For those south lake views, protected views, I know you’ve done some … Mike, you looked at this a little bit and compared it to downtown Toronto.

Mike Santos: We’ll take an example of properties on the lake, let’s say. If you wanted to buy something right on the lake, downtown, you’re gonna be looking at easily, easily $1500 per square foot plus. Entry point.

Roy Bhandari: For that lake view unit.

Mike Santos: For that lake view unit, right on the water. We don’t have an exact price point now.

Amit Bhandari: Protected lake view.

Roy Bhandari: Protected view. That’s key.

Mike Santos: Yes. Forever views. We don’t have an exact price point now, but I can tell you that it will not be anywhere near $1500 per square foot. It’s going to be significantly better than that. Much more affordable, much more competitive and one where I think people are gonna look at it and say, like they did last fall, and say, “Okay. This makes a lot of sense,” just outside of the city.

Amit Bhandari: As well, on top of that, to get in at the kinds of price points we’re anticipating. To get into a building that looks like this. The kinds of quality finish that they’re going to be getting, it’s a very good package. It’s a very appealing package.

Mike Santos: Definitely.

Roy Bhandari: Mirabella West Tower, launching early September. We talked about the views, forever views to the south. Lake Ontario. To the north, High Park. We talked about this exciting release of previously sold out suites that were gone like that when they launched a year ago. We talked about the proximity to High Park, to Lake Ontario.

Roy Bhandari: We talked about the luxury builder with a focus on this classical architecture with high-end finishes, and we talked about the prices compared to similar projects closer to the core. All in all, we’re very, very excited about Mirabella condos.

Mike Santos: Definitely excited.

Amit Bhandari: Yes.

Roy Bhandari: For more information, stay tuned to TalkCondo and for Platinum access, get in contact with us and it will be launching very soon. Thank you very much.