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9th & Main Condos: Top 5 Reasons to Invest – Release Radar 023

Today we’re discussing the top 5 reasons to get excited for 9th & Main Condos, a brand new condominium in Stouffville by Pemberton Group.  Pemberton have been one of the most active new condo developers in last year and were the top selling new developer in the GTA in 2017.

Stouffville is ripe for an urban condo development and Pemberton have a firm understanding of what this neighbourhood is looking with a stunning design and suites ranging from 600 – 2,200 sq.ft.

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We go in depth and talk about the top reasons to invest at 9th & Main Condos.

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TalkCondo Release Radar 023: Transcript

Roy Bhandari: Welcome to a very special episode of the Talk Condo Release Radar, where today we’re going to do a deep dive into one of the most exciting new condo launches in Stouffville. We’re talking, of course, about Ninth and Main condos, by the Pemberton Group. Today what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna spend some time and talk about the top five reasons that we’re excited about this project. Before we talk about the reasons, give us a quick overview on where the project is, give us some of the high level stuff.

9th & Main Condos + Towns Rendering

Mike Santos: Sure, so Ninth and Main, as the name would allude to, it’s on Ninth Line, just a couple minutes south of Main Street in Stouffville. Just about a three minute drive from the Stouffville GO station, two minutes from downtown Main Street, Stouffville. So yep, right on Ninth Line, nice beautiful sort of ravine, arborous area in the back, sort of tucked into a nice residential area. Not one that will obviously disrupt that kind of area, but it’ll fit very nicely into the fabric of it.

9th & Main Condos + Towns Rendering

Reason #1 – The Developer

Roy Bhandari: Perfect, leading perfectly into the first reason that where exactly about Ninth and Main is the developer. Anytime, we work with condo investors and condo buyers all the time, and one of the most important things that we say, is that you gotta buy from a developer that understands the neighbourhood, that has been in business a long time. So talk to us a little bit about Pemberton Group. So Pemberton Group, obviously one of the biggest names in the GTA. So give us a quick run down.

Mike Santos: We’ll they’ve been around for about fifty some-odd years. I think they’ve got, I don’t even know the total number of units, but I’m sure it’s a substantial amount. But they’ve developed everywhere across the GTA, I think. They’ve got a big hand in the, I guess the re-development or revitalization of the Erinsville’s town center area, Mississauga, couple names to shoot off. Toronto more recently, you’ve got city lights in Yonge and Eglinton, couple of towers there. You got Time and Space one, two, three, four.

Roy Bhandari: Four, four towers yeah.

Amit Bhandari: Social.

Roy Bhandari: Social condominiums at Yonge and Dundas. So they’re a developer that knows, another one that they know what they’re doing.

Roy Bhandari: So a couple of things that I wanted to point out about Pemberton is last year, so 2017, they were the number one developer in the GTA, in terms of units sold. They launched in numerous cities. Another one you didn’t mention was Maple with Indigo, and GO phase two. So another developer that just does Toronto, they focus on cities all over the GTA.

Mike Santos: And something closer to Stouffville, they did obviously in Richmond hill. They did Era.

Roy Bhandari: Era, so four towers at Yonge and Highway 7.

Mike Santos: Yeah, so Yonge-park, Era. I talked about this before, but when you hear Pemberton, you know that it’s going to be really high quality, it’s going to be a great project. Quality comes with their name, and especially when it comes in, you know, GTA, suburban type projects, that I was talking about, the fabric of the neighbourhood. They know how to sort of, bring along neighbourhoods, without disrupting them, but just upgrading them, making them more attractive for people. So, I’m really excited about this one in terms of its look and its location.

Roy Bhandari: Perfect. Yeah, and we can talk for days about Pemberton, but I think it’s really important to highlight that you are buying from a very, very reputable builder, that understands the neighbourhood, and they’re really building towards that. And we’re gonna talk about that.

Mike Santos: And that puts you at ease, so that’s the thing, is that it puts you at ease and you can focus on the project itself, because you know that you’re gonna get good quality. You don’t have to worry about anything else.

Reason #2 – The Location

Roy Bhandari: They’re gonna deliver what they say they’re gonna deliver. So, moving on from Pemberton, the number two item that we’re really excited about is the location of the building itself. It’s in a great spot in Stouffville. So you gave us a little bit of a-

Mike Santos: Yeah, just a brief overview is like again Ninth and Main, just South of Main, couple of minute drive, South along Ninth line. It’s going to be a three minute drive to the Stouffville GO station, you are 10 minutes from Highway 404, you are 10 minutes from Markham. So you’re in a really good location if you’re the type of person who are looking to stay within Stouffville, or maybe you’re looking for something that’s a little bit more value based, coming from somewhere like Markham or something like that. So it’s in a really, really good area overall. It’s gonna be really easy to get to, and get to other places from there. So I like the location quite a bit.

9th & Main Condos + Towns Rendering

Roy Bhandari: Now there’s a couple of things that we, when we were looking at the project that really stood out to us. Number one, you mentioned the GO station. When we started looking into the GO station information, what we can clear is that there’s a huge investment going into these GO stations.

Mike Santos: So, $250 million will be invested within the three stops along the Stouffville Line. So to me that just signifies that obviously there’s going to be an increase in demand within those lines. So right now the Stouffville GO station is not a huge station, but obviously they’re expanding it to deal with the population increases in these areas. So that’s huge, because you’re not just gonna be in a small station waiting for one train, dealing with over crowding. They’ve already foreseen these things happening and invested the right amount of money to deal with parking issues, or space issues, anything like that, So it’s a big signal to the area that, “Listen, this is an area that is up and coming.” So not just as an end user, but as an investor as well. A lot of the times we see if there’s money going into infrastructure in those areas, that’s a signal that things are gonna be happening there.

Roy Bhandari: So, we’ve seen this sort of happen in other cities where they have GO stations, we’ve seen populations move out to there. Not necessarily people who need to commute to Toronto, not necessarily Soren, but using that as the anchor. We’ve seen cities like Milton blow up recently. We’ve seen cities like Waterdown and these outside cities that are connected by the GO station-

Amit Bhandari: Grimsby.

Roy Bhandari: Grimsby, connected by the GO station, that have seen this density growth. And we’ve seen now this same thing happening in Stouffville. Another thing that really stood out to me in the neighbourhood was the residential that surrounds this building. And again, it speaks to the area, the kind of homes in the area. Mike I know you had some look into that, so why don’t you talk to us about it?

Mike Santos: Yeah so, I mean if you’re familiar with Stouffville, this area is, and you can see, if you were watching you can see from the picture, there’s sort of an arborous area behind, sort of a ravine, and you have more high end homes, million plus, one point two, larger detached homes. So we are within a residential area, but just South of the Main downtown strip. So for anybody that potentially lives in the area and are looking to change their lifestyle, looking for a more convenient type of lifestyle, they’re going to have … I know this is are next reason, but if we want to jump right into that.

Reason #3 – Wide Range of Suites

Roy Bhandari: Yeah, so the next reason, one of the big things that we’re excited about here is that there is such a wide range of suites and sizes that really speaks to a lot of different demographics. And there’s a couple of key points to take away from here. Number one, you mentioned that the million plus neighbourhood that may be attracted to this kind of lifestyle, but leading into that, there is a number of different options within the building [inaudible 00:07:49].

9th & Main Condos + Towns Interior

Mike Santos: So, we’ve got … Just to give some more project specific information. Got two connected, eight story towers, so you’re not worrying about 40 story monstrosities or anything like that. Pemberton knows what they’re doing. Two connected eight story towers, 212 units, 34 towns, they’re gonna have two story lofts as well for a lot of people that are looking for that high ceiling that makes a place feel larger. 630 square feet on the low side, to 2,200 square feet on the high side.

9th & Main Condos + Towns Kitchen

Roy Bhandari: Which is a big range, it’s a big band. 630 to 2,200 square feet.

Mike Santos: And 630 is a fairly good size for a one bed, so people are worried about shoe-boxes in downtown Toronto. Well in Stouffville, it’s 630 square feet for a one bedroom, and we’re looking at prices starting around-

Roy Bhandari: 625 [crosstalk 00:08:36] including …

Mike Santos: Including [inaudible 00:08:38]. So for someone that’s looking for, that first time buyer, this is definitely something that you can get into here. And for someone that’s looking for a large … People always say they want to downsize, but they don’t want to downsize the size of their home, they just want to downsize the responsibilities of it. So they’re going from 2,500, 3,000 square feet, but they’re looking for a large unit still. You can get that here, you don’t have to worry about it, at a really good price still. So there’s … And it’s not just the suite range, but also the design of it is really, I think, high end. So we have some renderings that we can share on Talk, where you can see the Montauk condo on the project page itself, but I’m sure we can share them for anybody that’s looking. The design is incredible, like really high end design. I think it looks fantastic. [crosstalk 00:09:29]-

Roy Bhandari: We are going to get back to the design, but one of the sort of areas that I did want to sort of touch on, on the wide range of suits, is that different group of people who may be interested in this project. So within the end users, if someone looking to live in this building, you’ve got that entry level buyer, looking for 600 square foot, one bedroom.

Amit Bhandari: It caters to everybody, right?

Roy Bhandari: It caters to everyone. You’ve got the, downsizers of the people who live in the area, but you’ve also got family off, kids off.

Mike Santos: And that’s what I think, people forget that a lot, is that there are families now moving to the condo lifestyle.

Roy Bhandari: Oh for sure, in a big way.

Mike Santos: Yeah and with the GO station nearby, you have parents that work downtown, they want somewhere that’s affordable, they are dealing with maybe a couple of children and time is tight nowadays. So having the convenience of condo living without having to sacrifice putting the whole family into 700 square feet, right? You have the size of unit where you can happily have two children living there, no problem. So we’re gonna see everybody across the board in this type of building, you’re not just having one demographic or one age of life type person. So its across the board, it’s gonna be a really good … It will fit with the fabric of the Stouffville community.

Reason #4 – High End Design

Roy Bhandari: So one of the things you just touched on was the amazing high quality design, and I know when we got the renderings, we sat down and looked through them. Mike you were really blown away by them.

9th & Main Condos + Towns Rendering

Amit Bhandari: I think we all were. They were really stunning, the level of finishes, the kind of finishes we expect this kind of building should-

Roy Bhandari: So just to sort of understand why I was saying this. A lot of times when we see condominium buildings outside of the core, a lot of developers do tend to value engineer [crosstalk 00:11:18]. But they do tend do to that right? They try to find ways that they can cut the price, and cut the costs to bring the prices down, but we’ve not seen that happen here. And Mike, you mentioned specifically when you saw it, you were really blown away by the design.

9th & Main Condos + Towns Rendering

Mike Santos: Yeah, and that’s what made me more excited about it. It wasn’t just another sort of cookie cutter, let’s throw it up and we’ll cater to the people in the market. It’s just really, really nice finishes. Again we have the renderings available. Just really stylish. It’s modern day, I take clients through this a lot. Nowadays you really don’t need to upgrade anything in a product, the standard finishes are incredible compared to what they were, even 15 years ago with your [crosstalk 00:12:05] carpet in the bedroom you had to have.

9th & Main Condos + Towns Bathroom

Roy Bhandari: You had to put more money into it, right? To get it the way you really, really want it. So even from the exterior, you come in and there’s this rendering of this beautiful, grand entrance where the cars come through.

Mike Santos: I love the alley, or I guess the lane way, the way it flows in terms of where cars will go.

Roy Bhandari: It does look like a big mansion. [crosstalk 00:12:27] The whole building looks like a big mansion. And then you go in and the lobby is fantastic, they’ve not cut any corners in the lobby, the amenities second to none, the rendering of the gym looks incredible. And then the suites themselves, with the amazing kitchens, the wood flooring throughout.

9th & Main Condos + Towns Bedroom

Amit Bhandari: It does look very grand.

Mike Santos: And we’re talking about, it’s not … Pemberton does stuff outside of Toronto, but it has that high quality Toronto feel to it, brought to Stouffville. So that’s what made me really excited about it, because in terms of value for price and what you’re getting for those finishes, I thought it made a lot of sense.

Reason #5 – The Amenities

Roy Bhandari: For sure. Last but not least, the area that we’re really, really excited about is the amenities, and not just of the building, but of the area. So, talk us through that, Mike.

Mike Santos: So, in terms of the actual building itself, you’re gonna have you’re standard stuff, but on top of that they do have a lot of extra stuff for people in the area. Media lounges, virtual golf simulators, yoga, Pilate studios, entertainment theaters.

9th & Main Condos + Towns Gym

They have that, sort of, I’m not sure the exact level it’s on, but there is sort of like a rooftop terrace, overlooking the back area with all the arborous area, all the trees and everything, so it’s gonna be really nice to look at. And then on top of that, in the area, there’s actually some investment that’s happening at the Stouffville leisure center and library, so they’re actually expanding it. It’s gonna include a new gym, new fitness center, a new pool and the construction is actually underway now. So this is two minutes away from this project.

9th & Main Condos + Towns Rendering

Amit Bhandari: You’ve said a lot about, touching back on all the investment that’s going into the GO station, the fact that they’re not just looking at it from a transit perspective, but they’re also looking at it from a neighbourhood amenities perspective. Because it ties everything together, the fact that they know that Stouffville is gonna go through a growth spurt, and has been going through a growth spurt.

9th & Main Condos + Towns Rendering

Mike Santos: It’s been probably one of the largest, or quickest appreciating neighbourhoods within the GTA. And so having that, all within two minutes … Everything is within a couple of minutes from there. The leisure center, the Stouffville GO station downtown, and then obviously it’s still car orientated because most people who are going to be living in this area are still going to be car orientated, but everything is close. 404 10 minutes away, Markham 10 minutes away. So you have everything you need, in a very convenient package for you, on top of it being … The pricing’s going to be fantastic, the suite size is going to be fantastic, the high end design that’s going to be in there. So I was really, really excited about this project, and in terms of timelines, it is coming out really soon.

Roy Bhandari: Very soon. So to go back to timelines, ’cause I think that’s always one of the most important talking points, especially in these high demand condominium projects. Today is the 26th of March, so we’ve just been invited to the broker launch in a couple of days, so we’re expecting all the information over the next few days, and if you’re on the list, if you’re receiving all these videos, then we’re gonna make sure that you get the floor plans and prices as soon as we get them, so that you can make that move when you’re ready. So just to break it down very, very quickly, we’ve talked about the five reasons that we’re excited about Ninth and Main. We talked about Pemberton as the developer, the location and the GO station. That the growth of the GO station. The amazing high quality design throughout the building, exterior, interior. The wide range of suite designs and user types that will be buying into this building. And finally the amenities of the building, and the neighbourhood itself. So we’re really excited about Ninth and Main, and we look forward to working with you.