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The Top 6 Reasons to Invest at RC3 Condos By: Roy Bhandari / March 22, 2015

RC3 Condos is the latest phase of the very popular River City Condos.  The project is located in the brand new West Don Lands neighbourhood which is undergoing a huge facelift and transformation that will turn it into one of the most sought after areas in Toronto.

Below are are our top 6 reasons to invest ahead of our EXCLUSIVE Bulk Deal with incredible incentives and discounts.  Our team is hosting a live webinar on Tuesday March 24th to do a deep dive at RC3 Condos – click the link below to Register.

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6. Iconic Architecture


Extreme Architecture – RC3 is one of the most uniquely designed buildings in all of Toronto

The word “iconic architecture” gets thrown around a lot – but RC3 truly features stunning and unique design that will turn it into the jewel of the new East side.  Not only will RC3 Condos be the tallest building in the new neighbourhood, but the unique design will help make it THE stand out building in Downtown East.

5. Higher Percentage of End Users (vs. Investors) One aspect that really sets the River City projects apart is the higher percentage of “End Users” that are buying in the project (vs. Investors).  In most Downtown Toronto Condo projects, the units are purchased by investors who plan on renting the suites out. This has a big impact on your investment – first, there is a higher “pride of ownership” within the building which can increase value, and also less suites to compete for on the rental market.

4. World Class Views in Every Direction River City Phase 3 sits in a unique spot, adjacent to a brand new 18 Acre Urban Park (the largest in Toronto) with clear sight lines to the Toronto Skyline, CN Tower, Lake Ontario and the new Park.


Looking West from RC3 will offer world class skyline views

3. The Brand New 18 Acre Park Set to become a destination in Toronto, a brand new 18 Acre Park (called “Corktown Commons”) is located literally at RC3’s doorstep.  Corktown Commons is Downtown Toronto’s largest park and features walking trails, splash pads, athletic fields, off leash dog areas and much more.


A stunning view of the brand new 18 Acre Park at RC3’s doorstep


RC3 Condos is located virtually on top of the brand new 18 Acre Park – a feature that immediately sets it apart from every other condominium project in Toronto

This unique feature immediately sets this condominium apart from virtually every other condominium in Toronto.  The park is now open and will be a huge feature of the condominium.

2. Proposed Transit Steps from River City Transit is a hot topic everywhere in the City.  Here is what we already know.

1. The Tory “Smart Track” that John Tory built his campaign around will have a stop at the Unilever site, just steps from River City.


John Tory’s Smart Track line – with the first stop on the East Side located at the “Unilever Site” (which is the #1 reason to purchase at RC3 which you can read about below!) just a few minutes from RC3. RC3 Condos location is highlighted on the map.

2. Public Consultation is ALREADY UNDERWAY for Toronto’s next Subway Line – the “Downtown Relief Line”.  The high priority location has been identified as Downtown East that will connect Yonge Street to the Danforth, with either King Street or Queen Street being the expected lines.  Both King & Queen Street intersect nearby River City, which makes it ideally placed to benefit from the new Downtown Relief Line.


Downtown Relief Subway Line Public Consultation has begun, with high priority placed on Toronto’s East Side. RC3 Condos highlighted in the above image. Image source: www.reliefline.ca

downtown area of focus

Expected lines highlighted by the committee for Toronto’s Relief Line – King Street or Queen Street – both of which are steps from River City. Image source: www.reliefline.ca

1. Steps to up to 70,000 Jobs

Perhaps the biggest reason to invest at RC3 is the brand new, 60 acre site just steps from River City 3.  The site, currently known as the “Unilever Site” is expected to undergo a massive transformation that will turn it into a major business district in Toronto, with over 15 million square feet of brand new office space and will house up to 70,000 new jobs (for comparison sake, this would house more jobs than Yonge & Eglinton North York Centre and Scarborough Centre COMBINED).

The Unilever site has huge backing from Mayor John Tory and is anchored by the stop on John Tory’s “Smart Track” and the land is owned by First Gulf (major commercial developers) aim to turn this destination into Toronto’s next major business destination similar to Canary Wharf – a similarly revitalized area in London’s Port Lands that has become a major business district hub and houses 100,000 jobs.

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Brand New RC3 Condos Renderings as Launch Nears By: Roy Bhandari / April 25, 2014

RC3 Condos (short for “River City 3″) is gearing up to finally launch and we have an exclusive first look at some incredible new renderings that show off the building from every angle.

The project has earned a lot of praise for the forward thinking design in a neighbourhood that has seen incredible growth in the last few years as the West Don Lands will be host to the Pan Am Games in 2015.  River City 3 will be the follow up to the super successful River City (now complete) and River City 2 (under construction).

As top sellers at the River City Project, our team will offer first access to this exciting project and we’ll be featuring full coverage in the lead up to the launch.  For now, sit back and enjoy these incredible renderings of what will become the jewel of the East End.

River City 3 standing tall next to River City & River City 2

River City Condominiums as you exit the DVP.  River City 3 borrows design elements from both of the first two buildings

Hero shot of River City 3 shows unique design elements on the North with suites jutting in and out

Close up of the Balconies show how they will interact with each other

Side profile of River City 3

Looking up at River City 3 from Corktown Commons Park

Looking South over Underpass Park at River City 3

If that wasn’t enough – the west view over the Toronto Skyline from River City 3

The River City development is one that we have supported since day one and we can’t wait to get our hands on more details.  For all the information as soon as it becomes available (and to be one of the first in the City to purchase) simply complete the form below!

The RC3 Condos Renderings Keep Getting Better By: Roy Bhandari / April 3, 2014

Urban Capital are slowly peeling back the curtain to reveal the brand new RC3 Condos (short for “River City Phase 3″) which looks like it is going to be an absolute show stopper and arguably one of the most unique buildings in all of Toronto.


The brand new rendering reveals just how unique the project will look with balconies that jut in and out in a building that looks to combine the building elements of both River City 1 and River City 2.


The River City development has been one of our favourites over the years.  The billion dollar re-development of the West Don Lands, the growth of the neighbourhood because of the pending Pan America Games (in 2015) makes this an absolute winner.

River City Phase 3 is also situated immediately north of the brand new Corktown Commons Park, a brand new 18 acre urban park right in the neighbourhood.

River City is gearing up to launch in the next few weeks and TalkCondo will be first in line with all the information as it becomes available and absolute first access to purchase.  For all the information as it becomes available, simply complete the form below!

Closer Look at River City 3 Ahead of Launch By: Roy Bhandari / March 11, 2014

River City Phase 1 & 2 were very important condominium projects for the east end of Toronto, and the developer is gearing up for River City 3 (the project will be known as RC3 Condos).  They were the first major developments in the new billion dollar re-development of the West Don Lands and the Pan Am Village (read all about the Revitalization here).

The rendering for River City 3 teases us to an incredibly unique design that has had us drooling ever since we first saw it

Urban Capital dub the project “Extreme Architecture” and this close up of the balconies shows us why

Now that Phase 1 is nearing completion (and looks absolutely stunning), Urban Capital is readying the launch for RC3 (River City Phase 3), a brand new 28 storey condominium that features stunning architecture and will overlook the brand new Corktown Commons 18 Acre Urban Park (which is set to open it’s doors this Spring).

The West Don Lands revitalization will also expand the transit with added lines to and from the Downtown Core.

RC3 Condos is located in the heart of the new West Don Lands re-development and will overlook the brand new Don River Park (now known as “Corktown Commons”)

River City Phase 3 will stand 36 Storeys and will be built with the quality we expect from Urban Capital.  River City 3 will be the tallest tower in this West Don Lands (where most other projects are mid-rise) which should make for some stunning views overlooking the park and the City.

River City 3 will be the tallest tower in the West Don Lands and will offer some world class views of the Park and Toronto

For all the information as soon as it becomes avaliable (including floorplans, price lists and opportunity to purchase), simply complete the form below!

River City 3 Condos Rendering Will Knock Your Socks Off By: Roy Bhandari / December 5, 2013

Urban Capital Developments.  Take a bow.

Incredible rendering of River City Phase 3.  Urban City – Take a Bow

Our friends at BuzzBuzzHome just broke the new rendering for River City 3 Condos and it is quite amazing.  The tower looks like a merge of Phase 1 (all Black) and Phase 2 (Black with balconies jutting out) and will stand on the south side of the elevated Eastern Avenue.  The third phase will be the tallest of the three phases and is expected to stand around 32 storeys.

Rendering of River City Phase 1 & Phase 2.  The third phase design borrows elements from both towers.

We have written at length about the West Don Lands revitalization and all the work being done around the Pan Am village (links to related articles below) and River City Phase 3 will be the crown jewel of the neighbourhood.

The third phase of the project has been of extreme interest with the south side of the project overlooking the brand new Corktown Commons public 18 acre park.

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We will be running full coverage for all things River City as the launch nears.  But for now just enjoy the rendering.

To get the information on River City as more information becomes available, simply complete the form below!