Urban Toronto Launches Major Upgrade

If you are involved in New Condos in Toronto and are not familiar with Urban Toronto, then you aren’t really involved with New Condos in Toronto.

Urban Toronto is one of our favourite websites on the web, and one of the few websites that we make an effort to check up on every single day.  What makes it so special? Besides updating their website 5-10 times PER DAY with awesome content, they have one of Toronto’s most active forums where condo fans across the city discuss the various projects, offer their thoughts and showcase their latest images of the various developments.  If you want to know what’s happening RIGHT NOW on a certain project, Urban Toronto is the place to go.

Want to know how awesome Urban Toronto is? The above image is a leaked drawing posted by Urban Toronto member Atlantis of a huge tower coming to St. Lawrence at 40 Scott Street.  Most people don’t even know it exists, Urban Toronto have a discussion almost 150 replies long including wire drawings, user feedback and various other information about the site and development.

To give you an idea of how influential the forums of Urban Toronto are, major developers (who will remain un-named) have admitted that they have revised plans for their buildings based on feedback from the members of Urban Toronto.  This includes everything from building features to floorplans.

Urban Toronto recently launched a major upgrade to their site that adds a “dataBase” section.  The dataBase is a major piece of the puzzle that ties together the main website to the forum by picking out the important information about various developments from the forum (where sometimes discussion takes it into the HUNDREDS of pages with THOUSANDS of responses).

In addition the the dataBase upgrade, Urban Toronto also freshened up the look and feel of the site including a pretty slick new logo.  The website is a work in progress (as noted by the “Beta” in the logo) as they continue to upgrade their dataBase, but we love what we see so far! Congratulations to very very handsome (he told me to write that) Edward and the entire Urban Toronto team for the successful launch of Urban Toronto 2.0!

Website: Urban Toronto
Twitter: @urban_toronto
Facebook: /urbantoronto