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Pedestrian Bridge To Harbour Plaza Opens By: Roy Bhandari / October 6, 2014

The skybridge that will eventually connect Harbour Plaza Residences to the Air Canada Centre (and the rest of the PATH network) officially opened today.


Reality. The skybridge is now open.

The Sky Bridge is built above ground and adds an indoor connection to Toronto’s Waterfront.  a further bridge will extend to RBC Waterpark Place, giving thousands of workers the ability to walk to work completely indoors.


Connecting the bridge to Harbour Plaza Residences


Side view of the bridge underneath the Gardiner Expressway


Map of the bridge connection to 1 York & Harbour Plaza Residences

The sky bridge connection to the PATH network was one of Harbour Plaza Residence’s major selling points – it’s very exciting to see it become reality!

Harbour Plaza Announce Target as Anchor Tenant By: Roy Bhandari / March 20, 2014

Menkes have announced that Harbour Plaza Residences will feature a brand new 145,000 sq.ft. Target superstore on the retail portion of the building.  The doors to the new super-store will open in October, 2016.

Target will occupy 145,000sq.ft. of the retail space – highlighted by the black portion at the bottom of the rendering and will face Harbour

Menkes are slowly filling the commercial and retail space in the mega development (which includes a commercial tower and two residential buildings) and this announcement comes shortly after the announcement that the commercial tower will be named Sun Life Financial Tower with Sun Life Financial relocating 800,000 sq.ft. of space into the brand new tower.

The announcement of a brand new Target shows further growth to the South Financial Core which is very quickly growing into an incredible neighbourhood featuring incredible access to jobs, transit (just steps to Union Station) and retail.

Early investors at Harbour Plaza Residences will be thrilled with the announcement that brings a huge amount of convenience to the buyers that live in the building.

We’re starting to feel like a broken record, but huge congratulations to Menkes for the announcement!

Menkes Announce Sun Life to Occupy One York By: Roy Bhandari / February 26, 2014

Menkes Developments have announced that One York will be renamed to the “Sun Life Financial Tower” with Sun Life occupying 30% of the 800,000 sq.ft. office tower and will claim the branding rights of the building.

Brand New Rendering showcasing the Sun Life Financial Logo at the top of One York

Aerial view of One York and Harbour Plaza Residences

Sun Life Financial will join HOOPP (Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan) and the two will occupy over 60% of the brand new office tower.

Lobby view with Sun Life branding inside

Peter Menkes of Menkes Developments and Michael Catford of HOOPP showing off the Sun Life Financial Tower Scale Model

Sun Life join an increasing number of major companies that are trading the “Old Financial District” (at Bay & King) for the “New Financial District” that offers brand new infrastructure, connectivity to Union Station and state of the art facilities.

The Sun Life Financial Tower will be directly connected to Harbour Plaza Residences, one of our favourite condominium projects in Toronto.  This new announcement further solidifies the growth of the South Financial Core as Toronto’s brand new Financial District.

Harbour Plaza Residences: A Condo Investors Dream By: Roy Bhandari / June 23, 2013

Harbour Plaza Residences recently launched to platinum agents and has quickly become one of our favourite condominium projects in the City and checks a number of important “condominium investor boxes”.

The project has recently released a special batch of suites dubbed the “Harbour Collection” which start from the 55th floor with some incredible views all the way around.

Actual views from approximately the 55th floor of Harbour Plaza.  Click for (a much) larger image

The project is located in the growing “South Financial District” just south of the Air Canada Centre and below we have highlighted the reasons we believe Harbour Plaza deserves your attention.

1. Menkes – A Trusted Developer with an Excellent Track Record

Menkes have enjoyed enormous success in the GTA and have a track record that spans six decades with a portfolio that includes Commercial Towers, Single Family Residential Homes and High Rise Condominiums.

We could write a book about Menkes’ achievements and one that they are particularly proud of was being awarded LEED Platinum Status (one of only a handful in Toronto) for Telus House (25 York Street), the brand new commercial tower located just north of Harbour Plaza Residences.

Telus House by Menkes was recently awarded LEED Platinum Status, one of only a handful of buildings in Toronto to achieve this

Let’s not forget that they were just involved in the development of the brand spanking new Four Seasons Hotel & Residences, arguably Toronto’s most luxurious condominium and hotel.

Menkes recently completed Four Seasons Hotel & Residences is arguably Toronto’s most luxury high rise

A trusted developer with a track record is of extreme importance when purchasing a new condominium and Menkes are certainly up there with the best of them.

2. Located in an Expanding Neighbourhood with Growing Demand

We recently wrote about the expansion of the South Financial Core with over 6 million square feet of new office space expected in the coming years.

That’s a LOT of office space and a LOT of new jobs coming into this new neighbourhood and many companies are turning to this location as opposed to the traditional “Financial District” at Bay & Adelaide where space is starting to become very difficult to come by.

Maple Leaf Square has become one of the most sought after condominiums in the neighbourhood with prices starting to reach $700 per square foot (putting it on par with some of the highest resale values in Toronto), and with ICE condominiums approaching completion we are expecting this neighbourhood to grow in popularity.

Harbour Plaza Residences is located at the gateway to Toronto in an already popular neighbourhood with a bright future.

3. Direct PATH Access

While Harbour Plaza Residences features an incredible two storeys of amenities, arguably the most important amenity of the building is a skybridge that directly connects the buildings to the underground PATH network via the Air Canada Centre.

Harbour Plaza will access the PATH via a skybridge that will connect to the Air Canada Centre below the Gardiner Expressway

Harbour Plaza Residences will be DIRECTLY connected to over 1.5 million square feet of office space with walkways to RBC Waterpark (885,000 square feet) and One York (800,000 square feet).  There is not a whole lot of projects in Toronto that can say the same thing.

4. Access to Transit & Union Station

Access to Transit is becoming increasingly important, especially with the limited number of parking that developers are building.  Harbour Plaza Residences is located a hop skip and a jump (and all underground!) to Union Station.

5. Large Project Scope

There is no ifs or buts about it: Harbour Plaza is a MASSIVE undertaking.  When completed, the site will feature a 30 storey commercial building and two residential towers that will soar past 60 storeys.

Harbour Plaza Residences feature two towers that will soar over 60 storeys

The Commercial Building (One York) has already nailed down their head tenant (HOOPP – Ontario Pension Plan) where the average salary of a worker will be over $75,000.

MENKES DEVELOPMENTS LTD. - Menkes, HOOPP Commence Construction
One York will also be located on the site and will be home to over 5,000 new jobs

The building features an awesome two storey amenity space that will knock your socks off, excellent suite finishes and stunning views.  

Harbour Plaza Residences is currently available for Platinum Agents and gets a big thumbs up from TalkCondo.  For all the details and opportunity to purchase, simply complete the form below!

South Financial Core – Major Businesses Headed South By: Roy Bhandari / May 1, 2013

Toronto’s Financial District is expanding south in a major major way, with over 6 million square feet of new office space expected in the next few years.

The “South Financial Core” is centered around York & Bremner where Telus (25 York) and PwC (18 York) have already set up shop in towers that added almost 1.5 million square feet (Telus House – 780,000 sq.ft.; PwC Building – 700,000 sq.ft.) in the last couple of years.

Telus House was one of the first office buildings to be completed in the new South Financial Core and many new office buildings and jobs are expected to follow

Residential development was not far behind with ICE Condominiums, Infinity, Ten York and Harbour Plaza Residences set to join Maple Leaf Square in the budding neighbourhood.

Proximity to Union Station, Air Canada Centre and the underground PATH network are obvious reasons for the growth of this area which could add an incredible 6 million square feet of brand new office space in the coming years.

Three major towers are already under construction and include 120 Bremner Blvd (Will include up to 700,000 sq.ft. of space where it is understood that Apple Canada will be a tenant), RBC Waterpark (to include up to 885,000 sq.ft., 565,000 sq.ft. of which will be occupied by RBC) and One York which will become part of the Harbour Plaza complex by Menkes which will add almost 800,000 sq.ft.

RBC Waterpark III is a state of the art, Platinum LEED Certified building currently under construction

MENKES DEVELOPMENTS LTD. - Menkes, HOOPP Commence Construction
One York by Menkes will be part of the Harbour Plaza Complex that will feature two residential towers.  It is under construction

In addition, four office towers are currently in the proposal stage and include 16 York (up to 800,000 sq.ft. by Cadillac Fairview), 45 Bay Street (up to 1.6 million sq.ft. by SITQ), 30 Bay Street (800,000 sq.ft. by Oxford) and 171 Front Street (693,000 sq.ft. by Allied).

The growth of a new financial core highlights the incredible pace that Toronto is growing with thousands of new jobs being created or re-located into the City of Toronto.

The latest residential project to take advantage of this rapid growth is Harbour Plaza Residences which will be located in the heart of the new South Financial Core and will feature direct access to the underground PATH network.  The residential portion will feature two 60+ storey towers that will feature incredible access to the new office space and amenities in the South Financial Core.

Harbour Plaza Residences will be an incredibly popular building because of the proximity to thousands of jobs and key Toronto amenities

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Harbour Plaza Residences Details Revealed as Launch Nears By: Roy Bhandari / April 26, 2013

Harbour Plaza Residences is a pre-construction condominium project located in the growing South Financial Core.  Menkes Developments tied up the large site, located at 1 York Street (or 90 Harbour) last year and anticipation has been building on exactly what will be built.


We recently got a first look at the renderings of the site and some exciting details to boot.

The site will feature 3 towers; 2 residential towers and an office tower that will feature an incredible 800,000 square feet of brand new office space.  The head tenant was announced earlier this year as HOOPP (Health Care of Ontario Pension Plan) and the office tower at One York is already under construction.

The two towers will stand 66 and 62 storeys and will house approximately 1,200 condominium suites and feature a wealth of amenity space and will also boast direct PATH access – an increasingly important feature that only a handful of condominium residences can boast.

Similar to Ten York, the location of Harbour Plaza Residences allows for some incredible views with endless lakes to the south and “Manhattan” style skyline to the north.

Harbour Plaza Residences will feature an incredible selection of amenities with all the bells and whistles including a state of the art gym, indoor pool (pictured below), pool side resort style seating, steam rooms, outdoor terraces, games room and expansive outdoor areas.


Harbour Plaza Residences is gearing up for launch in the Spring.  Stay tuned to TalkCondo for full coverage.  For first opportunity to purchase simply complete the form below!

Menkes Breaks Ground at One York By: Roy Bhandari / January 18, 2013

TalkCondo congratulates Menkes for breaking ground on One York, the office tower located on the site for the upcoming residential project “Harbour Plaza Residences”.  The groundbreaking also gave us an official glimpse at the what the future residential towers will look like.

The team breaking ground at One York

MENKES DEVELOPMENTS LTD. - Menkes, HOOPP Commence Construction
Hero shot of One York – office tower located at York & Harbour that will house 800,000 square feet of Class AAA office space

The site is located at Lower York Street just south of the Air Canada Centre and will feature three towers.

Wide Image of One York gives us a glimpse of Harbour Plaza Residences – 2x 70 Storey Towers that will accompany One York and will launch in 2013!

Menkes and Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) broke ground on the 800,000 square feet of Class “AAA” office space in the budding “Southcore Financial District” and will feature direct PATH access.  It is understood that HOOPP will occupy 17% of the office building which will cost $375 million to construct.

Harbour Plaza Residences is expected to be one of 2013’s hottest condominium projects.  Be sure to register below to get all the information as soon as it becomes available!

Introducing: Harbour Plaza Residences by Menkes By: Roy Bhandari / July 22, 2012

One of the most talked about sites in the Toronto development world finally has a name – 1 York & 90 Harbour by Menkes will be known as “Harbour Plaza Residences.”

Site for Harbour Plaza Residences located south of Air Canada Centre & Maple Leaf Square and will feature 2x 70 storey residential towers and 1x 31 storey commercial building

We first discussed the project back in October of 2011 when Menkes announced the acquisition of the site located just south of the Air Canada Centre and Maple Leaf Square and adjacent to Tridel’s Ten York.  Menkes have BIG plans for this site, with an application for 2x 70 storey condominium towers and a 31 storey commercial building.

Unconfirmed early render for Harbour Plaza Residences by Menkes

The project was listed on our “most anticipated projects for 2012″ and will feature direct access to the PATH network.

Specific details are still scarce, but register below for first access to this project as soon as details become available!

Possible Render Leak for 1 York/90 Harbour by Menkes? By: Amit Bhandari / January 4, 2012

2012 looks like it might just be the “Year of Menkes.”  With three very hot projects on their books for 2012 (365 Church, Fabrik and 1 York/90 Harbour) they are definitely looking to make a mark on the Toronto Condo scene this year.

Their most hyped project is the two 70 storey tower development located at 1 York/90 Harbour.  The multi-phase development will also include a 31 storey commercial building.  Last week we ran an article detailing the project based on the city application (which you can re-read here) which included a “wire drawing” of the project, however, today an UNCONFIRMED render was leaked that looks an awful lot like the wire drawings fell into our laps.

Leaked rendering shows striking similarities to the wire drawing below

Original Wire Drawing for 1 York/90 Harbour Street, as posted by TalkCondo last week

The image looks strikingly like the wire drawing, and we get a first look at the “square and round” towers.  The interesting balcony design on the “round” tower gives some added uniqueness.  This rendering is enough to whet our appetite (and probably shows how starved for condo related news stories we are during the holiday season) and we cannot wait for more details on this project!

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Details Emerge for Menkes 70 Storey Towers at Harbour By: Amit Bhandari / December 22, 2011

A very important document arrived on our desktop today: The city application for 1 York & 90 Harbour, better known as “the two 70 storey towers by Menkes at Harbour Street.”

Site for three new mega towers for a combined 171 storeys by Menkes

This project has all the makings of one of the hottest projects of 2012; a top shelf developer in Menkes, AAA location, potential for underground PATH access and enormous scope that gets buyers excited.

The application calls for:

-TWO 70 Storey Residential Towers plus ONE 31 Storey Office Tower.
-Towers will be joined by a four storey podium, extending to nine storeys at the base of the two residential towers (see image below)
-100,000 sq.ft. of Retail in the podium
-Potential for PATH connection

The building will be designed by aA (allianceArchitects) and the report also includes some wire drawings to give us an idea of what to expect.

South Elevation of the three towers

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