“City Rising” – An Amazing Time Lapse Video of Toronto

Tom Ryaboi has made his fame online by taking incredible photographs of the City.  His “rooftoper” style allows him to take amazing and unique images that few have been able to replicate.

The image below was the shot that put Ryaboi’s work and style on the map.  The shot was taken atop One King West (I believe, based on surrounding buildings) will make anyone with a little bit of vertigo queazy.

The Shot that put Tom Ryaboi on the map

More recently, Ryaboi has created a time lapse of Toronto titled “City Rising” and is something that needs to be seen.  Some of the images and shots are incredible and I often find myself scratching my head wondering how he was able to capture certain angles.

Check out the video below and be sure to leave a comment on his Vimeo page!