About Us

About The Team

Amit and Roy were both born and raised in England – they moved to Canada in 2001. In the summer of 2007 their Real Estate business started with a lot of promise and has consistently grown ever since. In February 2009, they were presented with the Sales Achievement Award from Royal LePage. Since then they have moved to Signature Service GMAC Real Estate and have continued growing. They have been trained and coached by Richard Robbins International – a leading business coaching program designed specifically for Real Estate Professionals. They both have degrees in Business: Amit with a B.Comm in Information Technology Management, and Roy with a B.Comm (Hons) in Marketing Management. Both skill-sets go hand-in-hand and the dynamic business they have created will continually strive to be the absolute best through innovations, entrepreneurial-ship, and most importantly by putting client needs first.

Amit Bhandari: Amit is the older of the brothers and has a passion for customer service. Amit's clients love his caring and supportive nature which makes everyone feel like they've known him for years. Combined with a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology Management, a keen interest in web-marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social-media technologies, and a solid track-record of helping buyer's and seller's, it makes sense to have him on your team.

Roy Bhandari: Roy is the younger of the brothers and has a sound knowledge of the marketplace. He excels in marketing, design, and advertising having graduated with an Honour's Degree in Marketing Management. Marketing is an important aspect of any business, but effective marketing drives consumers and set's you apart from everything and everyone else. It is imperative that you have someone that understands the theories and techniques so you can take advantage of the competitive edge.

Corporate Charter

Enduring Purpose: To spread the knowledge and serve
Future Focus:
  • We enjoy a fun, open, information-based, future-focused environment that always has it’s client’s needs in-mind
  • We enrich lives by providing top-class services and pass on valuable information to the public
  • We help create a sense of home, one family or individual at a time
Who We Are (Values):
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Professionalism
What We Do (Practices):
  • We have a passion for excellence, and an amazing attention to detail
  • We strive to be the most professional and knowledgeable
  • We passionately embrace the truth both in giving and receiving
  • We believe in being humble
What We Know (Principles):
  • Do no harm
  • The work we do, and our actions in life are a reflection of who we are
  • We will not always do things right, however, we will always do the right thing
  • Challenges are important and a great opportunity for learning, growth, and strength
  • We do not believe in limit’s as we never give up easily
  • The only thing standing in our way is the thought that we cannot do something
Our Promise: We promise to be true to our enduring purpose, make every possible effort to acheive our future focus and take consistent action in-line with who we are, what we do and what we know
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